Nathaniel Merchant

Traitor from an evil empire



Nathaniel Merchant, former soldier of the Arms of WInter Legions, has fled from military duty and is wanted for several most heinous crimes against his own, including (2) counts of high robbery, (4) counts of arson, (1) count of horse theft, (1) count of wagon theft, (1) count of kidnapping with intent to ransom, (1) count of impersonating an officer of higher rank, (12) counts of dereliction of duty, (3) counts of attempted murder by poisoning, (25) counts of crimes committed in the process of treason, and (1) count of malicious lollygagging.

He is to be tried and sentenced for his crimes in his home district of Gnoth in Frosthaven, and as such is to be taken alive. Every precaution should be taken in his capture, as he is believed to be a moderately trained crossbowman, tracker, and athlete, as well as a capable rider, and is believed to be conspiring with others towards the endangerment of stability in the outlying regions of the empire, both with extremist interior parties and a small organization of mercenaries. Script tattooed along his right arm is said to be the arcane trigger to a powerful magical spell, and authorities are advised to apply similar techniques to the capturing of mages in turning in this terrorist.

His distinctive features include a tattoo on his left shoulder, bearing the resemblance of a Legion helmet cracked down the middle, as well as the aforementioned arcane script.

Nathaniel Merchant currently retains a bounty of 150 gold and 15 silver pieces, along with a reward of 100 gold pieces for the return of the warhorse Winnower, rumored to be in his possession.


Nathaniel Merchant

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