Leogeon, "Leo" Fletcher

Travelling Scholar, Monster Slayer


“First spotted publically playing seven years ago in the cast of a troubadour troupe by the name of, “Lord Crestwave’s Men”, reputedly under the tutelage of noted musician Altansius (the Imperial Mother’s once-famed personal lutenist).

Accomplished musician, known to be interested in mundane and magical artefacts. He has spent the last few years traversing the Empire, hunting through the libraries of old lore. Local rumor hold he can speak any tongue, or kill with a stare. Authorities of at least five different free cities are actively hunting him on charges of theft, impersonation and embezzlement. Peasants claim he survived the Fae realm, and escaped only after tricking an Unseelie baron into teaching him the secret and dark powers of fae music in exchange for the color of his eyes.

Marquis Evensol has recently come forward with the information that Fletcher is operating under an assumed identity, and is in fact Balthasar Langstryde, heir to the Langstryde shipping company. Pursuit under this possible lead warrants caution; his grace has no wish to antagonize the fourth largest caravan operator in the Third Realm. Fletcher is magically armed, and to be considered dangerous if cornered.“-Taken from a missive to the Daywatch captain of Westevyr

Leogeon, "Leo" Fletcher

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